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Art on 4th Story

Imagine starting every morning like this! Doing what you love and loving where you do it. Art On 4th is that special place. An art gallery, teaching studio and painting studio. A place where art and art lovers and buyers can find each other, hence the statement “ where love at first sight happens all the time”. And it is not just a clever statement that I thought sounded good and wanted to use, it is what I hear time and time again as people walk into the gallery and see the beautiful art exhibited here. I’ve never heard someone walk in and say anything negative, but I hear people walk in and say “oh I love that!” all the time.

The gallery started out as a journey and dream six years ago. The journey is still moving forward and the dream is growing. I wanted a place where art, art classes, music and creative energies and people could come together to create a special environment for the community to come to and  experience and enjoy art in a variety of genres.

Art On 4th is a unique platform where artists can create art that is conceptual, meant to be viewed for the moment, to be heard and art that can be purchased to be brought home and loved through the years.

This is Art On 4th, I hope you will visit and find yourself immersed in creativity and totally inspired when you walk in.

Heidi Mayfield   Art On 4th

Artist, Owner, Director, Teacher