painting wet on wet

It has been so rainy and humid that the studio feels damp. The acrylic paints are acting like oils... they just won't dry as they usually do. And I like to work quick, quickly layering paint on paint on paint and so... but the paint would not have anything to do with it. So I scraped it all off....what a gray mess. But the remaining stain on the wood panel reminded me of rainbow cotton candy or superman ice they still even make that stuff??  Funny..... what kind of lesson is in this for me. Maybe the layers of life we wear can dull us, even make us gray on the outside, diminishing what we once were: vibrant, colorful, playful, authentic. If we scrape some of that off, release some of that gray useless energy, we just might find that we havent lost any of what we once were. It's still all there just waiting to be discovered again.