Encaustic Wax Pigmented Paints


Encaustic Wax Pigmented Paints


Encaustic Wax Pigmented paint. Currently available in 27 colors including metallic gold, copper, white and pearlescent. Prices vary based on pigments and range from $3 and up depending on size and color. (Note certain pigments are more expensive than others.) Please inquire for colors and prices. Shown are Sun Yellow and Pistachio. We apologize at this time there is no color chart available.

*Available in 10g pellets and 30 gram blocks.

Colors Currently Available:

  1. Crimson Red

  2. French Lacquer Red

  3. Venetian Red

  4. Ercolano Orange

  5. Yellow Orange

  6. Ultramarine Rose

  7. Blue Lavender

  8. Charon Blue

  9. Ultramarine Blue

  10. Sky Blue

  11. Steel Blue

  12. Purple Violet

  13. Lime Green

  14. Pistachio Green

  15. Viridian Green

  16. Yellow Green

  17. Sun Yellow

  18. Maize Yellow

  19. Turquoise Green

  20. Black Oxide

  21. Titanium White

  22. Sparkle Gold

  23. Sparkle White

  24. Iridescent Pearl Silver

  25. Iridescent Copper

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